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GreenGood® - Green Good Eco-friendly Disposables

About GreenGood® Product Line

GreenGood is a manufacturer and supplier of 100% biodegradable and compostable disposable foodservice products such as hot/cold cups, lids, deli containers, clamshells, cutlery, plates, bowls, lunch trays, mugs, and cup carriers made from PLA (corn), high heat tolerant CPLA, Bagasse ( Sugarcane)  and recycled paper pulp.
Our PLA (maximum 105 F) and CPLA (microwavable with maximum 212 F) products are made from 100% NatureWorks resin produced by Cargill in the USA.
Bagasse products can be made from any sustainable and renewable natural materials which can be grown and harvested within a one year time.  These can be Bamboo, Corn, Grass, Hemp, Rice, Reed, and Sugarcane.  These materials come from fields and are subject to bacteria and metal.  The pulp is mixed in a hot water vat in the manufacturing process which kills some of the bacteria.  Each of our GreenGood® Sugarcane (microwavable with maximum 212 F)  items are then processed through Ultra-Violet sterilization and metal detection.
Our company supplies products to McDonald's, KFC, Disney in various foreign countries.  We have recently been appointed as the prime manufacturer of green good disposables for the Beijing Olympics.

The GreenGood® product line is constantly being updated with new products continuing to be developed to meet the needs of the iternational foodservice marketplace.

  • GreenGood® products are environmentally-friendly disposable foodservice products.
  • GreenGood® products are made from from sustainable renewable resources that are 100% biodegradable and compostable.
  • GreenGood® products are manufactured in state of the art facilities in China, that are environmentally responsible with a small Eco-footprint, and are also socially responsible to their work force.
  • GreenGood® products carry all required U.S. and European product certifications, including FDA approval
  • Our GreenGood® PLA products are made from NatureWorks PLA. NatureWorks PLA has passed the following standards with regard to compostability:
    • ASTM D6400 (USA)
    • EN 13432 (EU)
    • GreenPla (Japan)

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