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Composting Facilities

All GreenGood sugarcane bagasse, CPLA, and Ingeo® PLA products will compost in GreenGood composting machines or commercial composting facilities.

Find a composting facility near you:

Requirements of Composting Conditions:

  • Right temperature (>60 degrees C)
  • Right humidity (>80%)
  • Right micro-organism

All  GreenGood® Ingeo® PLA is made from Natureworks PLA resin by Cargill. GreenGood® PLA has passed the following standards of the compostability:

  • ASTM D6400 (USA)
  • DIN V 54900-1 (Germany)
  • EN 13432 (EU)
  • GreenPla (Japan)

Where does Ingeo® PLA plastic come from and where does it go to?

PLA stands for Poly Lactic Acid and it is the chemical name of a plastic made from corn. Ingeo® PLA is a compostable plastic. It is a highly transparent when unmodified, and stiff plastic. PLA plastics look and act like the traditional petroleum base plastics (PS, PP and PET) but it is very environmental friendly.

Compostable - solid materials that decay into a nutrient-rich, natural material under controlled conditions in a commercial composting facility utilizing controlled micro-organisms, humidity and temperature.

The Composted Sequence: Life Cycle Figure

Composting Chart