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Green Good LogoMolded Recycled Cup Carriers

Features and Benefits:

  • Made from Post-Consumer Recycled material
  • Recyclable
  • 100% Compostable in a GreenGood Composter or commercial composting facility
  • Post-Consumer Recycled Material - Material such as corrugated boxes and newspapers reclaimed from home and institutional recycling.


GCH2001R (B)
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Item Code: GCH2001R (B)
UPC Code 888 8449 10094 01
Product Details: 2 Cup Holder - Brown Kraft
Product Length: 7.48 in
Product Width: 4.53 in
Product Height: 1.89 in 
Inner Pack: 6/50
Case Quantity: 300
Gross Weight: 18.08
Cu Ft: 2.42

GCH4001R (B)
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Item Code: GCH4001R (B)
UPC Code 888 8449 10095 00
Product Details: 4 Cup Holder - Brown Kraft
Product Length: 8.07 in
Product Width: 8.07 in
Product Height: 1.56 in 
Inner Pack: 4/75
Case Quantity: 300
Gross Weight: 22.71
Cu Ft: 2.65