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Features and Benefits:

  • Ingeo® PLA stands for Poly Lactic Acid and is the chemical name of a plastic made from corn, an annually renewable resource.

  • 100% Compostable in a commercial composting facility and GreenGood Composters
  • At the end of life, Ingeo® PLA based products can be recycled or composted under commercial composting conditions 90% within 60 days and the balance within 90 days. 
  • These containers are for cold foods only and cannot be exposed to heat over 110 degrees.
  • Ingeo® PLA is highly transparent when unmodified. Ingeo® PLA plastics look and act like the traditional petroleum base plastics (PS, PP and PET) but are very environmental friendly.
  • Our Ingeo® PLA (maximum 105 F)  products are made from 100% NatureWorks resin produced by Cargill in the USA.
  • GreenGood® Ingeo® PLA products are made from NatureWorks PLA. All our Ingeo® PLA and CPLA® have passed the following standards with regard to compostability:
    • ASTM D6400 (USA)
    • BPI (USA)
    • EN 13432 (EU)
    • GreenPla (Japan)

Item Code: GT-S4
UPC Code  
Product Details: 4" Gelato Spoon (clear)
Product Length 4.92 in
Product Height: 1.02 in
Inner Pack/cs: 10/500
Case Quantity: 5000
Weight: 9.92
Cube 1.78

Item Code: GT-S5
UPC Code  
Product Details: 5" Ice-cream Spoon (clear) COLD Food ONLY
Product Length: 4.09in
Product Height: 0.94 in
Inner Pack/cs: 10/100
Case Quantity: 1000
Weight: 9.7
Cube 0.30

Item Code: GT-CP3
UPC Code  
Product Details: 3" Cocktail Pick (clear) COLD FOOD ONLY
Product Length: 3.35 in
Product Height: 0.79 in
Inner Pack/cs: 10/500
Case Quantity: 5000
Gross Weight: 13.20
Cube 0.53

Item Code: GT-CS6
UPC Code  
Product Details: 6" Cocktail Pick (clear) COLD FOOD ONLY
Product Length: 7.09 in
Product Height: 1.18 in
Inner Pack/cs: 20/50
Case Quantity: 1000
Gross Weight: 13.20
Cube 0.53

Item Code: GT-K8.5
UPC Code  
Product Details: 8.5" Cake Knife
Product Dia: 8.82 in
Product Height: 0.98 in
Inner Pack/cs: 10/50
Case Quantity: 500
Weight: 14.3
Cube 0.46